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5 Habits For Successful Event Management

5 Habits You Should Form For Successful Event Management

Successful event management is no easy task and requires a particular set of skills to juggle responsibilities and keep everything running smoothly. Working for the hospitality industry is fast-paced, varied and no day will ever be the same, particularly in the run up to an event.

A successful event manager will often look effortless, despite the hard work and organisation that has gone into planning. Some events require months, if not years of preparation and will need a highly-skilled individual or an event management team to pull everything together. 

From our experience of working with venues across the UK and our own knowledge of the events industry, we’ve put together a list of five habits that we believe contribute to successful event management. Whether you are looking to work with an agency to organise your event, or simply researching skills for your next hire. These are qualities to look out for:

Organisation is key

Many people will state that they are an ‘organised person’, but when successful event management is concerned this is paramount. Event managers will not only need to organise themselves, but work with suppliers, sponsors, delegates and staff. A tidy, structured Inbox as well as processes for each stage of planning are good signs that you have the right person for the job! Event management relies on every detail being attended to. Contracts and budgets being checked carefully to ensure no mistakes are made further down the line.

Good Networking Skills

Hospitality events often require several different suppliers including food, drink, AV and tech, decoration and printing. It’s good practice to always be on the eye out for offers, deals and new businesses opening. Even if you don’t require a particular supplier for your event now, you never know what you might need in future. Successful event managers will have a black book of contacts that they can call on as a back-up, or if a fast turn-around is needed.

Pro-active and reactive thinking

There are so many stages to putting on an event, and it is never too early to start planning. With annual events, it can be useful to lock in deals for the following year during an event to ensure that the best price is guaranteed. It’s also good to take advantage of sales and deals, even if your event seems in the distant future. Event management also means planning for many ‘what if’ scenarios, particularly when it comes to the needs of your guests. There is always a chance that dietary requirements change at the last minute, or an extra person might need to be accommodated for. If you are prepared for these changes before your event, you will be equipped to handle them on the day if crisis calls! 

Understand the goals

More often than not, an event is put on to help achieve a particular goal or objective – whether it is a wedding, a black-tie dinner or networking drinks. Take some time to meet the hosts and understand why they are holding their event. It could be to ultimately sell more products, generate new leads. It might just be to ensure that everybody leaves well fed and happy. Whatever the goals, if the whole event team are aware, they will be able to make sure that everything aligns with them.

 Engage online tools

Events start well before the first guest has arrived and continue long after everybody has left. Social media is a powerful tool to help promote your event. Email marketing or an event app is a crucial way of communicating and engaging with delegates too. The events team should work closely with the wider communications team to ensure that the online experience matches the tone of the event and gives the delegates an opportunity to feedback on their experience.

Running events has its challenges but is also extremely rewarding. Keeping on top of everything and being forward thinking with technology, trends and relationships will create habits that are guaranteed to deliver successful events every time. If you are looking at running an event soon, why not check out our fantastic venues at Secret Spaces?

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