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Meetings and Events Trends 2019

Amongst the meetings and events trends for 2019 predicted is an increase in the use of unique event venues. Highlighted in a recently released outlook published by Carlson Wagon Lit (CWL), other predictions included continued growth in the industry, increased use of technology and the importance of attendee experience.

Industry Growth

The constant ability to engage, share and discuss via social channels is fuelling the value of the face-to-face networking opportunities that come with meetings and events. Confidence in the market is further highlighted in the number of new openings in both the traditional hotel sector and other venues outside of major cities.

Unique Event Venues

The drive to enhance the guest experience is leading meeting and event organisers to seek out ever more unusual places and spaces. A museum, a converted barn or a country house are not only a unique backdrop but can add to the attraction of attending. That attraction goes up a notch too if the venue is somewhere that is not usually accessible either due to cost or exclusivity.

Savvy hotel operators are tapping into this desire to move away from the traditional too by becoming more flexible in their approach by introducing more exciting room set-ups and offering alternative catering options.

For those who can be flexible on location, event venues outside of cities not only present organisers with more varied choice but can also reduce costs.


Technology is becoming an increasingly key component of event guest engagement and experience. Everything from the perhaps obvious need for Wi-Fi with the speed and connectivity required to cope with the number of attendees, to cutting-edge technologies that disrupt and create conversation.

Increasingly commonplace is the use of microsites, event-specific apps and online registrations. Whilst many events are pushing the boundaries further with the use of A.I., V.R. and A.R.

Attendee Experience

As with any guest or customer, the experience of a delegate begins long before they attend an event. From the moment they receive an email, to visiting a website, to arriving at the venue and the event itself; the experience is key to their enjoyment and engagement.

The buzz word around the event world is ‘festivalisation’; business events that present the attendees with an immersive experience, able to choose the elements – plenary sessions, workshops, the exhibition floor, social engagement – that make up their day.

At Secret Spaces we’ve always believed that choosing a unique venue for a sales meeting, product launch, conference, or indeed any event is a determining factor in its success. Click here to search our curated collection of unusual, quirky, amazing and quite simply, stunning event venues.

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