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Countryside Event Venues for Brilliant Brainstorming

Why choose the countryside for event venues when you need brilliant brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions can be a complete waste of time, unless you do it properly and know a selection perfect event venues.

You want to inspire fresh thinking, create an electric energy and stimulate innovative ideas. So, what do you do? Pull everyone away begrudgingly from their desks, pile them into the nearest board room, fill them with donuts and hope for the best. Not the best way to get everyone on board and engaged.

“Creativity allows people to be effective.” Bill Gates

You’ve got to start with the environment – the event venue itself! Even if you have one of those super-modern offices with a football table and bean bags for chairs – disrupting the energy by physically moving to a new venue is the first step to a successful brainstorming session. Place your team in the middle of a dramatic countryside landscape, and every single sensation will be stirred and tingling. That’s what you need.

Most important thing sorted – the event venue! Now you can move onto the job at hand. Here’s some brainstorming techniques to get those creative juices flowing:

Role Storming

Possibly more excruciating than the ‘icebreaking’ classic of introducing yourself with one interesting thing about you *shudders*.  But we’re not here to sit in the background and enjoy a ‘jolly’! Ask your team to imagine they are a person directly involved in the brainstorming goal – a client, a customer, shareholders. Now, act out a scene and see how intuitively the solutions present themselves. No whiteboard needed. Just bring along your common sense. Bingo.


Simply let your imaginations run wild.  No wish is too big or too silly. “Ok, so why can’t we do this?” is an amazing way to start a fresh, exciting and spontaneous debate.

Six Thinking Hats

If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a game changer. By mentally wearing different thinking hats, you’re forced to look at a problem from different perspectives – information, emotion, creativity… Everyone in the room will be wearing one hat at a time, and so their thoughts and feelings on one thing is discussed by all until the next hat in introduced. Bonus points if actual hats are used!

Reverse Brainstorming

Working with a cynical and weary crowd? Want to mix things up? Try asking them “How do we make clients more dissatisfied?” “How can we drive customers away from our website?” Cue cheeky smiles, a few giggles and Brian from Accounts suddenly sitting up from his slump. Just remember to convert the negative idea into a positive idea before you leave the room!

Thirsty for more ideas? Check out this blog on ‘How to Brainstorm like a Googler’ – a three-step process which Google uses.

So, there you have it, a countryside event venue to evoke feverish passion and freedom of thought, and a few cheeky little ideas to make your brainstorming session a complete success …and a whole load of fun to boot. Afterall, what’s the point if we aren’t having fun?

You’ll find a collection of sensation-stirring countryside event venues at Secret Spaces. Start searching now.



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