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Go ‘barny’ for your next corporate event

Go ‘barny’ for your next corporate event

It’s a fact, place matters for a corporate event or board meeting, now more than ever before. When our office environments are filled with digital distraction, constant noise and space is something you only dream of.

Sure, there are lots of venues you can hire for a board meeting or corporate event, Google it. Perhaps you have already? Little rooms in huge buildings, often lacking in natural daylight. Clean, certainly and adequate, they tick boxes but are soulless and lack in the personality to inspire.

Okay, this is a pretty dark picture that’s been painted! But you get the drift?!

Why put yourself through this when you can have the luxury of having access to all the AV equipment you need, with the space, natural light and inspiring environment of a gorgeous barn?

Yes, a barn for your corporate event!

Not just for cows or indeed weddings. Converted barns provide a unique event venue with character and history. A jaw-dropping location with hidden courtyards and bountiful fresh air. Ahhhhh, breathe it in.

Think Cotswold Stone walls, vaulted ceilings and a glass entrance top to bottom.  Now what’s going to inspire that sales team more? Where would you be most ‘pumped’? What’s going to get those creative juices flowing – the ‘box’ or the barn?

Every day, businesses like yours are paying for meeting space in order to inspire and help their teams think more creatively. You’ve got to think of your bottom line. If you’re going to invest in a external venue for your team meeting or sales meeting, you need to make it worthwhile.

Creativity is a response to our environment. So, if you want your team to think differently you need to change the geography. Swapping your office for an uninspiring, anonymous conference room will just prove futile.

When it comes to inspiring employees by environment, you need look no further than Google. They believe that you trigger maximum creativity by cultivating a creative culture – and that includes a meeting room that resembles an Irish pub and a Broadway-themed conference room. And themes like these are just some ideas you might use when planning your event at a blank canvas venue.

By simply disrupting the environment, you’re freeing creativity and fresh thinking.

What a barn will do is provide a space which your delegates will automatically feel inspired by – from the moment they walk through the door. It shows that you’ve thought about them, you care, you want the best. And in return, you’ll have an engaged, creative and enthusiastic team.

Think outside the ‘box’ when you book your next corporate event venue. Go a little wild. Go ‘barny’!



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