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Planning the perfect birthday party

Let’s get the birthday party started

Everyone loves a birthday! It is an annual excuse to celebrate, whatever age you are. Of course, a great birthday party doesn’t just happen, it takes a cupful of careful planning, a spoonful of great ideas and a pinch of decorative sparkle as a finishing touch. So, if you are about to plan a birthday party, here are a few things to pop onto your checklist before you get started.

DIY or engage a party planner?

Whether it is your ‘do’ or you’re organising a party for someone else, perhaps the first thing to consider is; do you do it all yourself or do you work with a professional party planner? Of course, your budget may dictate the answer to this but there can be more work involved than you imagine, no matter how organised you are. A good party planner should be a walking, talking book of great contacts and have tons of fabulous party ideas.

Choose the date

Sounds obvious but unless you are totally flexible on when you want to host the party, you’ll need to have decided on this before you can contact any venues or suppliers.

Guest list

Who do you want at your bash? Start off with your ideal list of guests; is it just close friends and family? Or are you inviting everyone from the office as well? Do your list and your budget match up, or do you need to review and reduce? Remember of course that not everyone you invite your birthday party will be able to make it, so you may have some flexibility with numbers.

Choosing a venue for your party

There is a lot to consider when choosing a great party venue; location, budget, number of people for starters. It’s a good idea to write down all the things you’ll need from your party venue before you start your search. Will people need somewhere to stay for example? How will your guests get there; drive or by public transport? Have you always dreamed of having a birthday party in a manor house/ on a boat/ in a brewery?


You could choose to send out the details of your party via something as informal as a WhatsApp group or you create your own e-invite using a platform such as Paperless Post. Or of course, you may decide you want to send something printed and personalised to your guests. Whichever method you choose, you will need to ensure you ask people to RSVP and have a way to keep a record of who can join in the party fun.

Food and Drink

No party is complete without party food and a celebratory glass or two. The options for what you provide for your guests will to a degree be determined by your choice of venue. The key things to remember are to cater for special dietary requirements and to think about guests who are driving by offering interesting non-alcoholic cocktails.


Music, a party must have music. From background music for a dinner party; to a carefully created playlist of all your favourite songs for a house party; to a live band to get people up and dancing the night away. Once you’ve sorted out the music then how about adding a bit of magic with a magician or rolling the dice with a casino?

Party Themes

Love them or hate them, themes are a great way of pulling together all aspects of a party. From invites to the venue to food and drink to entertainment and decoration. The topics are numerous; films, TV shows, countries, decades, seasons, festivals…


Here is where the only limit is your imagination. Party decorations can be in keeping with your theme if you have one or simply to add that final pinch of fabulousness to your party. How about twinkling trees to create a winter wonderland; experimental food installations for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-feel or your very own maze?

And finally, whatever you decide is your recipe for a perfect party, don’t forget to enjoy it and have some fun.

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