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Private dining room for your party or event?

A luxury private dining room for your event?

So, you want to arrange a really special event.  Not a huge event – an intimate birthday celebration, a business lunch for important clients, a hen party or a baby shower with close friends maybe. But it has to be …

  • Impressive
  • Unique
  • Relaxed
  • Exclusive
  • Private
  • Lavish

Then a private dining room is going to tick all of those boxes. Tailored exclusively for you, with a menu of your choice, impeccable service and the choice to be as quiet or as raucous as you like.

Picture the scene

Imagine arriving at your impressive venue, being led to your own restaurant within a restaurant and welcoming your VIP guests who can expect to be indulged beyond belief.

This will be a memory they’ll hold dear for a long time to come. So special, so different and so personal. This is going to beat a table in a crowded restaurant where you’re lost in the crowd. Or a generic, soulless function room where you miss the important conversations with your favourite people.

From intimate fine dining in discreet secret spaces with flickering candles and the hum of relaxed conversation, to atmospheric private rooms within a spectacular barn of a working vineyard – it’s your space, your environment and YOU get to choose. The options are endless.

Little extras

While the food and drink will always provide the wow factor, you could impress your guests with a red carpet, stunning fresh flower arrangements, thoughtful table gifts or handwritten notes placed at each setting?

These little extras elevate your event and will make your guests feel valued. If you’re hosting a corporate event to impress important clients, a heartfelt Champagne toast to thank them for attending is an important touch which shouldn’t be missed. If you have a large private dining room, arrange a discreet microphone system so that everyone can hear.


Tips for success

  • Always visit your venue beforehand so you feel the ambiance, check the lighting and the seating, and sample the food.
  • Provide your guests with directions so they arrive relaxed and on time. And offer the option of local hotels – perhaps your chosen venue has rooms for guests to stay?
  • If you have a set budget, remember your venue may have a minimum spend requirement – especially at weekends.
  • As always, don’t forget to research dietary requirements so all of your guests are catered for and can relax in the celebrations. The chef will need to know about any allergies or vegan guests.
  • If you haven’t considered private dining before, why not go along and visit some event venues for inspiration?

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