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Get the party started with sizzling Summer Cocktails

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Summer

Cocktail making is an art and when done with flair can be the perfect welcome drink at a garden party, a wedding reception or a summer picnic. Wait staff greeting your guests with trays of colourful cocktails as they arrive will have an immediate visual impact. Anyone can serve Prosecco but cocktails imaginatively created to complement the theme of your event, are not only eye-catching but can invoke the mouth-watering taste of summer in just one sip.

As the temperature (hopefully) rises and sunny days lead into balmy evenings, great summer cocktails are cool and refreshing. Using the best of the fresh fruit available at this time of year; think strawberries, water melon, rhubarb, white peach, pomegranate; whether they are served long in a jam jar with a straw or more naturally in a pineapple or coconut, the one thing that is a must is that they are served cold. Summer cocktails also cry out for natural decorative touches; mint, sliced apple, sprigs of rosemary.

The British tradition of Pimms and red wine-based Sangria from Spain have long been seasonal favourites, usually served in a jug full of fresh, chopped fruit they are synonymous with summer. In recent years, however, rosé wine has seen a surge in popularity and this trend has led to the use of rosé as the base for several new summer cocktails. Complemented with flavoured-liqueurs chosen to best suit the style of rosé being used, these new classic summer drinks are sophisticated, fresh and flavourful, designed to be drunk with summer dishes such as grilled calamari or shrimp and salad.

Classic Negroni – my favourite cocktail

My personal favourite is the classic Negroni made using gin, vermouth rosso and Campari and garnished with orange peel, it’s the perfect apéritif on a summer’s evening. It is reputed to have been invented by General Pascal-Olivier de Negroni, the Comte de Negroni who in 1919 asked a bartender at Caffé Casoni in Florence to strengthen his usual drink of an Americano by adding gin instead of soda water. ‘Cheers!’ I say.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Of course, not all cocktails have to contain alcohol so for the drivers at your party there are great options using natural ingredients like coconut water, aloe and cold pressed juices or no-alcohol bases that align themselves with an alcohol-based spirit, like gin in terms of flavour.

There’s still time to organise your summer party, so get in touch for your free event consultation and let’s talk cocktails!

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