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Sustainable Events and Weddings

Everything you need to know about sustainable weddings and events!

Plastic-free events, eco-friendly celebrations and green weddings over white weddings are all becoming more and more popular as the world wises up to the pollution of our planet. It’s a hot topic for a very good reason and it is something we all feel very strongly about.

Working in events often means planning functions that last from a couple of hours to a couple of days – and we are committed to finding ways to make sure that any waste left behind doesn’t linger for longer than it has to.

We’ve pulled together a list of some hacks, ideas and questions you should be asking your suppliers to ensure that your event or weddings is perfectly sustainable.

Homely and handmade

If it’s a wedding you are planning, see what aspects of the day can be made green. Email save the dates and invitations, present your favours in reusable paper bags, make your own decorations and light your tables with handmade candles in little jars from charity shops. You could even do away with paper place cards, in favour of baking personalised biscuits.

Grill your suppliers

Do they recycle? Can they offer eco-friendly alternatives? Do they supply reusable cups and aluminium straws? The government is committing to a plastic ban of straws, stirrers and cotton buds by April 2020, so these things should be on supplier’s minds. Are there eco-friendly suppliers you can hunt out to join the team?


Dinnerware, clothing, decorations – you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by renting what you need for your event. Think about all the things that will be thrown away by the time the day is over. Plus, you can save a lot more of your budget by renting items.

Careful catering

Search for a local company with a good eco-friendly ethos who uses local suppliers and produce. If you are using the venue’s in-house chef, don’t be shy to ask where the food comes from, and if they are able to offer ideas for eco-friendly alternatives.

Confetti hacks

Some confetti is made of plastic or foil, and could end up in the landfill for hundreds of years to come. Instead, you could use dried flowers, old book pages or real petals. Or, if you are strapped for time, there are lots of natural wedding confetti makers online.

Location is key

Where is your event based? How will people travel to and from your venue? To be more sustainable, you could hire a bus for everyone’s transport.


Choose an event venue which is aligned to your eco-friendly values. At Secret Spaces, we are proud to have on board a venue which operates on sustainable biomass fuel.

Green events are not just for the eco-conscious, having a greener mindset can help simplify your plans, and reduce costs.

Are you attending or working on a sustainable event? Or do you have any tips to add to our list? Let us know?

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