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Team Tactics

Team building no longer needs to be extreme nor necessarily outdoors. Today there are many more activities that are more about an inclusive experience for everyone to embrace and to try something new, but also with an element of fun. Think duck herding, cookery classes, art workshops or even learning to be a magician. Of course, physical activity can have additional health benefits, so if it’s appropriate for your team, go for it. Whatever you decide to do, here are some tips for planning your team building event.

Top tips for planning your team building event

  1. Set expectations – what do you want to get out of the time? Is there a clear goal of creating a new business strategy or is it to achieve alignment between two teams? You don’t have to give away full details of the plans, but it helps with engagement and allays nerves if people know what’s expected of them and have some insight into what they will be doing
  2. During work time – a break from the norm is a treat. No matter how much anyone loves their job, giving up precious personal time in the evening or over a weekend is perhaps unlikely to be welcomed, and won’t get your plans off to the best start
  3. Collaboration, not competition – seems obvious, but an activity or series of activities that require people to work together to achieve a goal, rather than against each to win a prize will translate into better team spirit back in the office. If the eyes are on a prize, it can distract from, rather than encourage the goal of unity within a team
  4. Make it fun – or at least have an element of fun. It is not only children that learn through play! Get creative. Make your day accessible to everyone taking part. A team that laughs together are more likely to work well together and support each other
  5. Off-site – the benefits of taking your team off-site are multiple; fewer distractions, a different setting can inspire a different view on work life and picking the right venue can turn the whole experience into a reward. Here are some suggestions;

Foodworks Cookery School

Not only does the School offer a programme of cookery classes that are a fun way for a group to work together, they can also offer packages such as their ‘cook and clay’ day combining a guided cooking experience with clay pigeon shooting at a nearby shooting school. They’re also great at creating tailor-made packages too.

Hillside Brewery

Working in partnership with GameShift, Hillside is able to offer bespoke team building and experience days. From outdoor physical activities that make the most of the glorious views to mental agility games in the barn that can seat up to 250 people, they will work with you to create a memorable day. And of course, you can finish everything off with a brewery tour and beer tasting!

Kingscote Barn

With the Barn able to hold up to 150 people and access to 400 acres of land, Kingscote Barn is able to offer an engaging range of team building programmes and corporate fun days. Why not combine a morning meeting with an afternoon of activities that make the most of the space, both indoors and outside? Choose the Corporate Fun Day Starter Package or talk to the team here, who can help you plan a bespoke day to inspire and motivate your team.

The Wine Library

Looking for something social to do as a team? Then, The Wine Library is a great option. Try some fantastic wines, learn more about them from the friendly team of experts here and chat about your favourites with your friends and colleagues. Educational and fun; what is not to like?

Whether you are looking for the perfect team building venue or help in planning your event, Secret Spaces can help. So get in touch and let’s chat.

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